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About Our Store

Yak Meat Prices:

Butcher Bulls are $7.00 per pound hanging weight

Cull cows are $6.00 per pound hanging weight

(hanging weight means you do not pay for the head, hide, hooves, horns or offal.)

Butcher Bull description: In the yak world the prime meat animals are the bulls around 30 months old. The bulls hanging weight will be 400-500 pounds and will have larger steaks, roasts and could be a bit more tender and very lean.

Cull Cow description: A cull cow yak is an animal that either did not produce a calf, are just plain mean or just needs to go for any number of reasons. They are typically 5-6 years old and the hanging weight is between 275-350 pounds, have smaller steaks, roasts and can have more fat, but most of the fat is deposited on their back. The fat is desirable for many different uses, but the cuts of meat will still be very lean.

All of our yaks are grass fed year round with what we raise as pasture grass during the summer and what hay we produce for winter consumption for them.

Our butcher season usually starts in October when the weather is colder.