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Carefully growing quality yaks.

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Meat Cut List and Prices for Yak Meat

Back Fat $9.00/ea
Bottom Round Roast $16.00/lb
Burger $11.50/lb
Chuck Ribs $7.50/lb
Heart whole $11.00/lb
Kidney Fat $15.00/ea
Rib Steaks $25.00/lb
Short Ribs $8.00/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast $17.50/lb
Sliced Liver $8.00/lb
Soup Bones 3lb packages $8.00/ea
Soup Bones with meat $8.00/lb
Stew Meat $12.00/lb
Strip Loin/NY Steak $27.50/lb
Tail $3.00/lb
Tenderloin Steak $29.00/lb
Tongue $11.00/ea
Top Round Roast $17.50/lb
Top Sirloin Roast $17.50/lb