Sunny Hill Ranch

Carefully growing quality yaks.

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Welcome to Sunny Hill Ranch

Yakking in the Last Frontier

Building a 320 acre yak ranch from scratch, to provide locally raised meat for our community.

Welcome to the Sunny Hill Ranch located in the Upper Susitna Valley, where we spend our days Yakking in the Last Frontier on our 320 acre “off-the-grid” property. We are located 100 miles North of Anchorage, Alaska on the Parks Hwy and 65 miles South as the crow flies from the highest mountain in North America, Mt. McKinley (native name Denali, Athabaskan for “The High One”). Where we are growing a herd of yak that will provide all natural grass fed meat for local Farmer’s Markets and local restaurants.

Click below to listen to our recent interview with agri-Culture podcast.

Check out our Contact page to find where our yak meat is being sold.